The SnapChat Stock Market, Machines and The SEC

Yesterday I offered a free stock pick of the day on ‘Snapchat’.

I had 50-100 people publicly send me their cell numbers to be included. A few came from Europe and Australia. I was kidding of course and just testing the waters, but it made me think about how sad the idea of the SEC has become. They are faling further and further behind.

Now there are free apps for Gmail that allow messages to be exploded once viewed. These apps were not created for financial people, but in the end, financial people as late adopters do finds these apps and exploit them – if not mainstream, at least on the fringe.

I love Snapchat. I probably open 1-2 a week. My niece was travelling through Israel and Spain and wanted to share some fun moments and say hello, Snapchat served us well. A friend wants to send me something childish, Snapchat to the rescue. Snapchat is a good utility for me with friends and family.

It got me thinking further how the SEC will NEVER beat/catch the machines and Wall Street. The momentum of machines and robots is too strong. The cost is coming down too fast. The banks remaining post TARP are too big too fail and let’s face it, they learned.

I have backed away from the machines years ago to invest and trade and rely on the social web and people. Machines will do what they do for eternity, but a band of people will always have a role. I think that role in markets will increase and start to accelerate.

The tools are just too good for the individual to leverage. If you are a young market enthusiast and want to invest, best you keep your investing approaches simple and work the social web and tools of today like crazy.

If you are old like me, stop complaining. It’s not so bad.

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