The S&P Back At All Time Highs – Definitely A Better Moment To Panic

Back on March 10th when I started ‘Panic With Friends’ I believed it was too late to panic.

I NEVER would have dreamed that the S&P would be back at all-time highs, but here we are.

Today would be a much better day to panic.

In the spirit of ‘panicking first’, I invited Samatha Laduc back on my ‘Panic With Friends’ podcast last week to talk about what I should worry about. We had another great conversation.

Have a listen and enjoy the all-time highs.

PS – one of my favorite companies (and stock) that has emerged as the pandemic has raged is Spotify. I am long. Bill Simmons had Ben Thompson on his podcast to talk about the 2020 streaming wars. I really enjoyed the discussion.