The Spiritual Trend and Catching Up With Some Sunday Links

Great time in Cancun and feeling refreshed. Them Yoga people are in great shape.

Good to be home with the kids. Ellen and I missed them. First time we have both been away from them since summer.

I spent lot’s of time on Spiritual Gangster brand building ideas with Ian. He is on to a big movement and sales are growing despite. Order your Spiritual Gangster Wear here for now .
Lot’s of time cruising the beach, doing Yoga and writing in the hammock. Perfect weather.

We have lot’s of local athletes wearing the brand and working on many more.

I got to meet and spend some quality time with Brian Jennings . There is not a guy in the NFL that can do what he does on a Yoga mat. Maybe not anywhere for his size. Freaking amazing NFL stories on Garcia and Owens and the inner workings of the NFL. I plan on him teaching Max the Long Snap this week.

So here is what I missed this week…

Screw Spiritual gangster…Seriously rich dudes should be wearing VC Wear . I orders a couple (Google? I passed on that …and Your Mom is not a valid test market.

Rajun Cajun started a seriously cool ‘Final Four Stock Tournament ‘ at . I wish I was home and didn’t rush off a pick on my blackberry.

Google Video Ads launched. Sweet.

Microsoft should seek different prey …like a CEO and biz plan to compete with Google Docs.

NDAQ on Wallstrip :

Gold, which I am long ripped all week as well, as did oil:

Print and spend is in full gear baby.

By the way, my buddy brought Bill Fleckenstein’s book on the trip that read like a comic blaming Greenspan for everything but martians. Bill the Blamer. He has a secret ‘thing ‘ for Elmer Fudd me thinks!