The Spiritual World – Yoga, not Toga!

Yoga is cool.

Yoga will be hot – soon. Lot’s of potential for budding brands. Steve Case and his $500 million investment in this space will create a lot of awareness and opportunity in the coming 10 years.

I love Yoga. One of my best buddies, party mate, travel mate, golf mate and food mate has a successul chain of yoga stores -At One Yoga-in Phoenix/Scottsdale and I am an on again off again (mostly off) attendee. His sister and her husband started clothing brand Be Present, in Denver . They make my favorite workout/weekend/lay around/travel clothes.

It is a small brand, but they are nurturing it properly and should be a big brand.

My buddy Ian is sitting on a hip brand – “Spiritual Gangster”. I am bugging him to get it going.

I love this space. Gaiam, Whole Foods and Wild Oats are the big brands trying to capture the healthy and spiritual lifestyle.

There is too much religion, too much polarization and lot’s of room for spiritual thinking and spritual businesses ahead.

There is much coming in this space. I want in.