The State of Startups and Being Audacious

Today Robinhood launched a free checking and savings account, a Mastercard debit card and a 3 percent cash interest rate.

My friend Matthew texted me this morning that Robinhood is audacious in the best possible way. Matthew is a CEO of a Unicorn company himself and he knows audacious!

Like I wrote on my blog yesterday…you can’t just code yourself to unicorn status anymore. You have to be able to build incredible product and MARKET like hell… and by hell I mean creatively and relentlessly… and not just being an expert using Facebook and Instagram. You have to be audacious and it has to be good audacious because customers are smart and switching costs are low. You will need world class branding, messaging and customer support right out of the gate.

The good news – as I wrote yesterday on my blog – is all the world class SMB technology tools at everyone’s fingertips.

Game on!

Speaking of game on…First Round Capital is out with their annual ‘State of Startups‘, which has some very interesting stats.

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