The Stock blogging community is truly funny cont'd…

I was a horrible stand-up comic in my late teens, early twenties. It is embarrasing to think how awful I really was. I am taking a shot at redemption with writing these days and although the jury is out, I at least am having the time of my life. Broke – but the time of my life.

With the launch of Wallstrip , there has been a hilarious outpouring of content from friends around the blogosphere.

Thanks so much. I am figuring out a way to pull the stuff all together as another section of the site. We (the community) need it. Any ideas for structure are appreciated.

The media won’t understand, but there are 70 plus million bloggers and a lot of them interested in the market. We know that.

Special thanks to Tom at Digital Breakfast for the most amazing creativity yet:


Funny dude.


  1. Howard Lindzon says:

    IPO d breakfast shorts – thats priceless. the whole damn thing is worth it for that and the lindzon boob joke

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    Trader x – is lucky to have angelina for chrissakes.

    He is so overreached already.

    The hostess always go for the funny creative types. Tom is so in right now. Trader X has a lot of work to do to even get on the radar with that piece of art up on my blog.

    He doesnt have enough game.

  3. Eddie Daroza says:

    I know you have videos of your stand up. We have to see those. I am sensing Fridays on WallStrip? :)

  4. Steven says:

    Hey Eddie get your camera out and shoot this for the RAD Report:

    (dream sequence flash back to early-mid eightes…)

    MC: Tonight at the Toronto Comedy Club we have Howlin’ Howie Lindzon. Let’s give it up for HL folks.

    (smattering of appluase as HL comes on stage dressed a bit like Moranis as seen here,%20Rick)

    HL: Hello ladies and germs. Let’s get started. How do you mend a broken jack o lantern? —
    with a pumpkin patch.

    (polite laughter from audience)

    HL: Ok how about this one, what do you call a lease of false teeth? —
    a dental rental!

    (moans and groans from audience)

    HL: all righty then, hey, what do you call two guys fighting over a prostitute? —
    tug of whore

    (outright boos from audience)

    HL: (saving the best for last) What do urine samples and Canadian beer have in common? – –
    The taste.

    Heckler: YOU SUCK!!

    HL: Thanks for coming I am here very night on tuesday…

    Heckler: WHY?? YOU SUCK!!

    HL: …uhh..thanks..dont forget to tip your waitress.

    (subsequent to this appearence HL went on to business school, founded several business/financial empires, and became a media mogul).

  5. Steven says:

    Nah…just a guy who thinks he is funnier than he really is. As my picture shows my ass dont really fit in to many closets…not that there is anything wrong about being in a closet.

    I was just flowin’ from your previous post about looking for an old video of his doing stand up. I totally missed HL’s statement that he was John Candy’s skinny little brother doing stand-up in Canada watching Strange Brew wishing he was Moranis. I owe the riff all to you. And this one too. LOL

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