The Stock Market…A Language Never Too Late to Learn!

Holy shit. Seriously.

August, September and October have had all the drama of a lifetime if you are a news and stock junkie.

We have seen a $VIX of 50, daily 8 percent ranges in the S&P and yet we are right back to where we started from 3 months ago on most of the averages.

If I told you on August 8th, in the heat of the summer meltdown, that Netflix $NFLX would drop 70 percent, Steve Jobs would pass away and the tech sector would be at 10 year highs just two months later (do not worry as NO ONE did), you would have come to my home and shot me. Instead, Phil Ivan and I launched the $SWEB that afternoon, a Social Web Index that has since climbed 13 percent despite having Netflix as a component.

Over the last three months, Europe was supposed to implode, the financial crisis of 2008 was supposed to repeat, and Occupy Wall Street was going to hang a few bankers. Ya Right! Instead, uber yutz @nouriel Roubini (a cockroach with a twitter account), ‘economist’ extraordinaire, managed to bankrupt his blog network.

Now it’s November and Goldman Sachs is breaking out and up $30 plus from it’s October lows, ex Goldman CEO is blowing up another business $MF (nobody cares) and #OccupyWallStreet is covered in mud and snow. The $VIX is heading back to 10 where it always has been in Tuscany.

October turned out to be the best month for the markets in FIFTY (50) years, the troops in Iraq by LAW by law should be home by December, Muammar’Pass the Shwarma’ Gadaffi is dead and Europe took the most telegraphed possible bailout of all time. My ‘What does a bottom Look Like‘ remains free of charge.

Looking forward, there are ‘no’ jobs, but Marc Andreesen just raised $900 ‘in your face’ dollars and Code Academy is thriving as people try and learn a language that could change their lives. YouTube which is laughed at by the media as the ‘kitten’ network has spawned Khan Academy and a zillion other ‘real’ opportunities.

As usual, it pays to look at the world with a ‘Glass is Half Full’ attitude and find mentors ON the web and in life that are flexible, and inspire, not those off the web, on Wall Street and in government that conspire and fake it.

Start using the tools of the web and stop listening to the television and you too might find a few shekels in your future.

PS – I would ge pretty bearish if Jon Corzine and Donald Trump teamed up to start a Real Estate and Commodities Firm…


  1. Tipping point: in which those “ON the web and in life…that inspire” are now seen as more credible than those “off the web, on Wall Street and in government”. Or is it just in our echo chamber? ;-)

    I’m with ya.

  2. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky says:

    Dang! I went to that “learn to code” site and was all ready to start when I found out the language was JavaScript. By the time I learn JavaScript, another language will have been created by some “glass-half-full” tech weenie that I absolutely *must* know or be unemployable! You can’t skate where the puck is going to be when geeks are melting the ice under your skates. ;-)

  3. James Dollinger says:

    So you’re bullish.  How much do you want to bet that in three years time the Eurozone no longer exists as currently construed??  Sure equities can go higher as the dumbest of dumb money chases glad all you long only managers aren’t down for the year any more…. what’s your sharp ratio?  How much are you up for the year?  That’s what I thought.  The real sad thing about these markets is that stupid people have been allowed to continue to manage money as government continues to subsidize sub optimal behavior.  So take your wins now and act like a cocky d*ck.  I’ll make sure to laugh my a** off at you when the market fails in the next 12 months and you are caught on the wrong side.


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  5. Rqballer says:

    A few examples as to the value of “some tools of the web” might help gauge the worthiness of the article.

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  7. Jay H. Mani says:

    I guess the moral here is to never take one persons opinion seriously. You have to weight them against many opinions and use solid judgement. Basically do the opposite of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner. No one knows for sure what is going to happen in 30 seconds in our HFT dominated world. Buy and hold is dead and trading everyday is just churn. I read today in BBG that Bonds outperformed Stocks since 1981. I am not surprised as I believe Bonds are a better bet in this machine dominated trading world. Again, people are looking at yields not price in UST. Remember that older coupons gain convexity as the yields drop. This causes OTR Treasuries to ramp up in prices.  Again, many will say diversification is key…. well except if they are stuffed in a CDO and rated AAA by Fitch, Moody’s & S&P.

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