The Stock Market and Crypto Market Are The Ultimate Platform and Game

When I was a kid I played ‘Pong’ and ‘Space Invaders’ and Coleco Football and Mattel ‘Intellivision’.

In college I stopped.

Maybe if there were smartphones and no women, I would still be a ‘gamer’, but my generation was looking up not down.

I found the markets because I needed a first job and I was hooked.

It has been a battle of wits and behavior since. The markets have brought me to panic and fear on many occasions but mostly they bring me joy.

I have no time or energy for the grind of ‘poker’ which so many of my friends tell me to try, or any video or mobile games. I do see Rachel playing mobile smartphone games while watching Netflix shows.

I have spent the last year mostly at home and staring at my laptop so I have been happily fascinated by the insane growth in new investors/traders and the investor in me continues to wonder what is next.

Gaming is such a part of the human life experience, but as a non gamer it is very hard for me to participate in the mega trend because I don’t use the products. Between Tencent, Riot, xBox, Nintendo, Skillz, Zynga, Roblox, Playtika…I have no idea how to analyze the sector and opportunities.

The great thing about the markets as I think about the gaming platforms is the markets have basically one playing field…price and volume. Of course there are tickers and now a whole world of decentralized tickers and exchanges, but it is still just one giant platform of tickers and prices and fundamentals and opinions and behavior and wit.

I think this ‘game’ of the markets is more a game than ever because onboarding is so much easier and fractional ownership allows for people to play the game in a much more enjoyable way.

So while everyone is yelling that the markets and stocks are overvalued and due for a long bear market and that this ‘bubble’ will pop I am contemplating the idea that we just have a massive supply/demand imbalance and the game creators (bankers and founders and venture capitalists and SPACers) need to create more supply. They are of course.