The Stock Market and Trains ….Nothing but Opportunity

The following message made me laugh today when I was discussing how silly it is that investors say ‘I missed the train’

@howardlindzon i missed my entry in 1929…

— Bob Rocker (@elfhoe) Jun. 6 at 02:08 PM

Nothing can be further from the investing truth.

The stock market is nothing BUT trains.

You take some bad ones, you overpay for certain trips, you crash (god forbid). But nobody forces you on to them (yet). You can get off, ride on and choose from thousands each and every day.

I am actually amazed at how bearish the sentiment has been since February.

I do think ‘markets in turmoil’ caught on with the investing public. It’s a shame. Trains were leaving the station. I have covered why I fade these CNBC media panics.

Much like the glass half full or empty debate…’Markets in Turmoil’ are really ‘Markets of Opportunity’

PS – I wrote this on October 1 2008 and while searching for ‘markets in turmoil’ on my blog found it. No doubt that journalling has saved my ass investing and thinking clearly all these years