The StockTwits Blog Network Is In Effect!

StockTwits strives to provide a platform for investors and traders to broadcast their best thoughts to each other easily, efficiently and in real time.

Our microblog streams are amazing for this, allowing members to exchange ideas, charts and links and to organize them by tickers and users, quickly and without friction.

More recently, we’ve begun rolling out a WordPress based blog platform so that many of the most knowledgeable members of our community can stretch out a bit and express themselves in longer form.

This has taken off faster than we imagined and we now have 40 amazing bloggers!

So we’ve built a StockTwits Blog Network Home Page where we pull together all of these voices.  Here, readers will be able to find the latest posts from our network blogs all in one place.

The critical point is: the writers own their URL’s and their content while we facilitate publication.  We believe there will be network effects.

We promise to organize amazing original content from technicals to fundamentals to global macro to options and market education.

We have also rebuilt the navigation bar at the top of every page inlcuding the blog network.

The new nav bar can now be found across all StockTwits sites and will make navigating from one to the next incredibly easy.


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