The Stocktwits Distribution of Stream Extends to MSN Money…More Networks of Networks…

Yesterday, my friend Fred Wilson wrote a post entitled: ‘Can You Build a Network on Top of Another Network.  There were some great insights and we are much appreciative of his support.  I joined in the comments to offer some quick thoughts and hopefully deep thoughts on the subject. I am not sure if this is as pure as Albert would like to see when he writes of ‘Networks of Networks’, but it’s another step in the direction we want for interesting real-time financial content whipping around the web and mobile.

Our graphic shows the network power of a financial idea shared ‘FROM’ the Stocktwits platform. From Stocktwits a message can be shared with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (I like to call them the commodities of the Social web) and with our plumbing and partnerships, Yahoo Finance, Bing, MSN, Bloomberg,…As licensed financial people and the public Companies continue to use our platform we extend our community and also become a very useful wire service. As we build out our API and widgets, investors from around the web can join in and reply and/or share messages back into Stocktwits from the point of contact with the message.

StockTwits is excited to announce the addition of StockTwits streams to MSN Money.

Now users visiting ticker pages on MSN Money can see the conversation about the stock with the most recent messages from the StockTwits network. The StockTwits stream includes real time ticker specific trade ideas, links and commentary from a wide range of investors, traders and financial professionals – as well as official updates from many public companies.

MSN Money, the comprehensive online financial resource, provides award-winning editorial content plus the tools and community to empower investors.

MSN Money joins a growing content distribution network for StockTwits streams that includes Microsoft Bing Finance, Yahoo! Finance, CNN Money, The Globe and Mail, Reuters, TheStreet and MarketSmith.

The unique financial distribution network allows the individual, professional and public company StockTwits members access to the largest audience of investors with the information and ideas they share.

Messages posted via the StockTwits platform have a daily reach of over 60 million impressions and now reach over 40 million unique users each month across StockTwits, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and this growing list of content distribution partners.

Stocktwits is striving to deliver a financial publishing experience with a simple UI, massive reach so the right ideas can be seen by as many people in the environment they are used to, with analytics, archiving and compliance. Thanks Microsoft for helping us extend that vision.



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