The Street.Com's NEW Jim Cramer 'VIP' 'Chairman' Club

So Cramer is about to offer a VIP service, a super secret Chairman membership .

The only thing I can think of them offering is his scripts, 30 minutes before his show so we could front run a few picks. If it was legal, it is not, I guess it could pay for itself pretty fast. It can’t be a hair solution because it ain’t working on Jimbo!

Jim is already everywhere, on CNBC, Today Show, on The, Real Money, Cramer Alerts, The Silver, Gold, Plutonium…

They did not ask for my advice, but I will offer it again like this Friday’s plan for on this blog…..’FREE CRAMER CONTENT’…all of it. won’t turn the corner by cloaking Cramer in VIP status because he is everywhere and he loves it. The only way for Cramer to grow and I have said it before is to make him MORE SCARCE or free him to make ‘OTHERS’ the stars and charge for that. Cramer has access to build the best FARM SYSTEM of financial talent in the world. Instead he points the lightening rod at himself. FAIL.

There is ‘FREE’ or ‘PAY’ in new media. If it’s pay, you need to keep it simple and offer some uncommon value over free in terms of filters, information, entertainment and discovery.

The’s is just too confusing and layered and focused on the portal view of 1999 yet again.

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