The Ticker Tape is 153 Years Old, But The Cashtag and Social Ticker are Just 13 Years Old…And Bitcoin Crosses $17,000 and Here Comes Cannabis

I really believe in the following…

The markets get better as more people participate.

I have news for everyone…

We are just getting started.

This weekend in Stocktwits daily email I learned that the Ticker Tape turned 153 years old. Edward Augustin Calahan, an American inventor, is credited with the creation of the ticker tape and stock tickers.

It was 13 years ago that I sent the first $ ‘Cashtag’ to Fred Wilson and Stocktwits and Fintwit were born.

This morning I woke up and Bitcoin crossed $17,000 (I am long). Fred Wilson remains bullish and calls it ‘The Gateway Drug‘. For those that are now ready to get started, Fred recommends ‘Starting At The Start‘.

The new COVID vaccines will spawn another biotech/medical revolution and you can’t underestimate the Cannabis explosion that this election finally tipped over for United States MSO’s (multi state operators). I just did another video with Todd Harrison (post election) to catch up anyone interested in Cannabis opportunities. Todd also shared an interview he just did with real Vision as well.

When the ticker tape was created 153 years ago, imagine the advantage a few people had when securities began trading. Talk about owning a fat pipe. The ticker tape led to a long revolution in markets. The social revolution in markets is really just getting started.

Today, with the ‘social ticker’ and the internet, everyone of us has some form of ‘inside information’… a unique pipe of our own as the ticker tape is everywhere. This social ticker is made up of hundreds of millions of people talking about stocks, markets, products and companies in real time on Stocktwits, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Whatsapp, YouTube, Discord, Slack etc…

Add fractional ownership, free trading, Robinhood and 1,000 Robinhood clones and variations to the mix and you can see why I still get excited for the opportunities ahead.

Direct LIstings, SPAC’s, more IPO’s, more unique companies, more digital conglomerates, more biotech, more Bitcoin and decentralization and yes more Cannabis will ensure that the next few generations will get as excited as Edward Calahan, JP Morgan