The Top in Web Video and Blogging?

Looks that way. I have been asked to keynote the New Media Expo next month in Los Angeles :) . Thanks Tim for reaching out and asking…and paying.

Seriously, we are just tapping the surface. With my old friend/troublemaker and loose cannon Chartreuse back blogging, I am more confident in the future of the biz, despite his ripping on us at Wallstrip .

Off the top of my head, I still say we are in the first inning of web content and new media. Nobody has ‘THE’ answer…AND THATS GOOD! Obviously I am happy that CBS thinks we do :) .

My friend Jason pointed me to this blog today . If you think blogging can’t change lives, you are wrong.

Elsewhere, Henry Blodget has recreated himself as a web/tech/east coast TechCrunch meets Valleywag , but better website and real experience along with his co-founders of Doubleclick fame. I like it. Personally, I want my info from that team, not just the West coast. Check it out. I am reading it daily now along with Dealbreaker.

Tons of ways that people are changing the way I read and consume and how we share information. Quit bitching and join in the revolution with something other than nasty comments.

WOOPS – One last point. I think it really makes sense for great businesses that already have a community to add a daily or weekly interactive video component. It is much safer and smarter than doing what we did at Wallstrip if you want to start from scratch. Cheaper and deeper and better than PR firm if done well. At, the trivia show is loved by it’s sponsors and golf community and that helps. Today they are celebrating their 150th show which may mean nothing to the web in general, but much to the community of GolfNow. Zillow, Expedia, Yelp – are you listening?


  1. David G from Zillow. says:

    Yep, we’re (still) listening – and have dabbled with some video since we last spoke – but frankly, you make it look a lot easier than it is. Keep the reminders coming – I hope to have the bandwidth to focus on video again soon.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    happy to have you still reading if not fully listening.

    dude – zillow should load 2006 home prices just so people can remeber how good it was.

  3. David G from Zillow. says:

    “load 2006 home prices just so people can remember how good it was”


    Most people refuse to forget.

  4. maximo says:

    If you look at this thing through exponential curves rather than linear models you will realize where this is going. The specifics are difficult obviously and no one predcit that. Will Facebook become the next Google? Perhaps, and if you combine it with blogs/vlogs like it is happening now you see the amazing potential. Add semantic search like and you have another decade of growth.

    As to the usefulness of blogs, I’m about to embark on a cool research project. I was just given the green light at Johns Hopkins to conduct a four month experiment using covestor, wallstrip and stockpickr. The objective: to meassure the impact of these blogs/investing communities on the portfolios of inexperienced investors. It should be a fun project. Each group will rely solely on one of the above websites and they will pick stocks from it.

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