The Trends Everyone Now Talking About – Work From Home and Teaching Online

Before I get started…there are more episodes of ‘Panic With Friends’ today and all the episodes are here (23 in total).

The latest is with a young, independent trader who has made a small fortune the last month catching the crash in the S&P. I know this because he has shared the trade in real-time every day on Stocktwits for the last month. He is a ‘crisis chaser’ trader and he lined up with the virus to catch and ride the perfect storm. We chat about what he saw and did that others did not. Here is the episode with Marcus.


In my world, everyone is talking about Telemedicine, Work From Home and Teaching Online.

If you follow the markets, the stocks that represent these big themes that are doing the best are – Teledoc, Zoom and Docusign. Despite the crash they are going up almost everyday.

The A16z team has a good podcast out titled ‘Remote Work and Our New Reality‘. Have a listen.

Fred Wilson has a post titled ‘Teaching Online‘.

We (Social Leverage) have a few investments in the space over the years that will benefit from these trends including ‘No Red Ink‘ whose sales are exploding.

I have been a work from home(s), remote worker for over a decade and my two partners have been remote like me as well. The health crisis has not affected how we work together.

I expect more and more teams and huge parts of all industries new and old to be the same.