The Ultimate Markets Dashboard

I don’t have money for a Bloomberg Terminal.

If I did, I doubt I would pay.

Since 2006 I have been fascinated with building a terminal of information for myself. Stocktwits and Twitter give me all the watchlist, news, sentiment and communication I will ever need, but I want more in the way of a robust dashboard that gives me more market data and context (charts, fundamentals, lists, global data, relative performance). I don’t expect it to be free.

Way back, I invested in Ycharts which was gunning to be the next Yahoo/Google Finance. The company is growing fast, but for the prosumer and small institutional market it is expensive.

There is a gaping void in this space an and there is a big market for the right product.

Yahoo Finance is a train wreck as a website.

Google Finance gave up completely this year which is saying something because over the last 10 years it was a stomping ground for pissing away money for executives from Bloomberg and Reuters amped to turn it into a Bloomberg killer. Note to founders in this space…only Bloomberg can kill Bloomberg.

Which brings me to a new product I have been using called Koyfin (we are NOT investors).

Koyfin is a new web app that has dashboards and charting tools for investors to research stocks and follow market trends. Relative to other platforms I’ve tried, there are three big differences. First it’s really intuitive to use and has a ton of functionality. It is very easy to navigate around. Second, the data coverage is really wide and includes equities, fundamentals, estimates, economics and macro indicators. Third, the market data is organized via a dozen dashboards so you can browse country performance, top movers, global bonds, or economic indicators. Best of all, the site is currently free!

I try and use every new product that comes to market in this space.

I think the timing is right for something good to take hold.

Rob, the founder, was at Goldman for six years in the strategy department but I have decided not to hold that against him. He’s good people.

If you want to hit him up with feedback and/or features you would like to see please do so – ROB AT KOYFIN DOT COM.

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