The ‘Upgrade’ Bubble…Popped.

It was all about the upgrade for the last 13 years. We were in ‘Upgrade’ nirvana.

I want my hotel room, flight and home upgraded. Pronto.

I want my ‘Upgrade’ from $GS.

I want my bear markets short.

That is until…the ‘Downgrade’ of the United States by some poor shlub at the S&P.

In order to prolong the ‘Upgrade’, the President of the S&P was sent already sent packing – he say’s to spend more time with his family. I say sure…if your family lives on the Russian front!

We will continue to sweep the ‘Downgrades’ under the rug or off to Russia, but the cat is out of the bag. America is downgradable!

The rest of the world will see that the world did not come to an end from the downgrade and others will pile on over time.

If we had a TRUE leader, The ‘downgrade’ would have been embraced. Sort of a wake up call, a rallying cry.

We don’t make movies like Stripes anymore. First off, it was just funny as hell. Striped had a LOT of American Truthiness in it.

America is a nation of mutts. The mutt lives and breathes downgrades. Your parents buy you a mutt because it was cheap, cute and lovable.

Our leaders missed a great chance by not ’embracing’ the downgrade. Instead we will continue to deny and fight it with financial steroids. We have become poorly trained Pitbulls. Nobody likes those.

I am not bearish because I have a plan, my health, a network and a brain.

Not so for our leadership.


  1. Emma Richardson says:

    It is kind of an interesting transitional period for us all, isn’t it? Parts of the American (and, indeed, world) economy and manufacturing sphere are depleting rapidly, but other parts are flourishing like Bill Murray in a wacky-but-sentimental comedy. It seems we’re all trying to toe the balance between downgrading and upgrading, with one often impacting the alterations of the other.

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