The Video Content Boom of 2017 

I’ve been gorging on great content lately.

The combination of mobile and good enough bandwidth have created a perfect storm for the consumer where the cash cow internet leaders must create great content to keep your attention. 

I now calendar time to watch video. On Saturday mornings I spend an hour catching up on late night talk shows from the last week on YouTube. Colbert, Seth Myers and Bill Maher are all available in digestible chunks. 

Before bed each night I can turn on my iPad and watch documentaries or comedians on Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and YouTube. 

I wanted to watch Billions and season 6 of Homeland (both were good) so I signed up for Showtime last week.  I cranked through both seasons quickly so will likely cancel if Showtime or my social feeds can’t convince me that there are more shows worthy of my attention. 

Let me know your favorites so I can get them in my queue.