The Video Tidal Wave Gaining Momentum…BUT Time to Keep an Eye on Video Spam

There will be lot’s of talk today/tomorrow about Google’s paid click’s slowing down again .

It’s all noise and misdirection for long-term Google believers. If you hate Google, it’s one more reason to pile on.

In my opinion, no web numbers can be trusted. Alexa, Comscore, Jimmy The Greek’s…all just guesstimations. Obviously it’s the trend that matters.

The law of large numbers is catching up to Google as it would/does to all Companies (except Exxon).

Google is needing some magic from YouTube right about now. I am not sure if the magic is there.

Today they launched some more great data features for producers of video content , but the green needs to start showing up pretty soon. They need to make/help web video to the next level to justify the $1.6 billion. If the stock breaks $400 again and starts spending time below the pre YouTube price, all bets are off in my books.

Hulu , for all the ridicule, is pretty cool and niche video sites are back to stay. The niche sites are smarter this time around and they don’t want your video spam. Video spam is BIG TIME REAL. I mean how many times do I need to see my real estate agent pitch reduced priced, below appraisal homes :) . YouTube can’t keep eating the cost of hosting it all.

It could just be me drinking the kool-aid of my investments and misreading the information I am getting, but I don’t think YouTube will rule as widely as the web video tidal wave gathers steam.