The Wallet To Win All Wallets

I don’t think it is a secret anymore, but everyone wants/needs a super wallet.

Right now I can quickly open a account, Venmo my kids money from my bank account, trade in a Robinhood and FTX account, buy a collectible on Rally Rd., log into or call my broker at Morgan Stanley and log into my Pensco account (IRA) to check my accounts.

It is a pain and I have been doing it forever but there is NO way this persists as the next generation goes deeper down the investing rabbit hole.

It is 7 am in the lobby of my hotel in SOHO and I ran into a friend at another venture investor friend that invests in the same space and we talked about this very thing.

There are enough investing apps (mostly me too variety at this point in cycle) in circulation and you can’t believe how many more are in the pipeline, but the big win/s going forward will come from the products and companies that seamlessly make the super wallet a reality.

If you do not believe me about the amount of investing apps at your fingertips have a scroll through and give a few apps a try.

I wrote about the ‘individual risk score‘ a few months back and the super wallet is right up there with it.

Hit me up if you are working on these problems.