The Wallstrip Community

I am loving that my blog is becoming a small community OF FRIENDS.

I can finally offer them THIS. Thanks for being so patient while we chose the perfect community item that just reeks Wallstrip :) .

Kidding aside, how cool that my new blog friend Dary of sent me the translation of our Chinese review at It is why I blog. Thanks for the help. His comment below:

I had a similar thing happen recently, so decided to load the Asian language pack onto Windows and then used Babelfish ( to translate the content. Translating the section of the blog from simple Chinese to English in Babelfish you get the following:

“Two days ago have an investment event in the subscription Thomsen finance mail to arouse my interest, on just the line American website “Xiu of the Wall Street” (Wall Strip) obtained a silicon valley famous angel investor’s note capital in last October, this was provides the stock video frequency program the website, every day could select a stock price to achieve the historical new high stock manufactured 4, 5 minutes short films, was different with traditional CNBC or the Peng abundant finance and economics program, “Xiu of the Wall Street” the program liked one kind of entertainment program, Humorous humorous beautiful woman adds on the first-class creativity and the film editing, again uses the Internet this kind of opening interaction the dissemination method, the investor presents one kind of brand-new finance and economics program for US…”