The Year 2020 – The Pandemic and Speculation

It’s December and I can’t really tell if this year moved really fast or really slow.

Time seemed to stand still in March as we all locked down.

But here we are in December and the stock market is acting like we are secretly running around and spending like never before.

The year 2020 will forever be remembered for the pandemic, but I will also forever remember it for speculation.

There are all kinds of reasons for the historic speculation.

We were locked in our homes…we had Robinhood and fractional share ownership and apps that let us chat 24/7 about stocks and trading cards.

We also had companies that seemed to appear out of nowhere with staggering growth. As Jeff Richards recently said about Zoom:

You can’t blame people for being speculative when a company like Zoom can appear out of virtually nowhere and deliver incredible growth numbers.

The speculation in 2020 carried back over to digital assets. Bitcoin FOMO has replaced Bitcoin Fever of 2017. Josh Brown outlines five reasons why he think Bitcoin is going up.

Fred Wilson has an important take on the difference between crypto wallets and bank accounts and he worries the government maybe mucking it up.

In booms and long bull runs…being lazy and sloppy works.

Remember tokens in 2017 …how about start-up electric vehicles and battery companies today.

It seems obvious that 2021 will be another year defined by the pandemic and speculation. What does not seem obvious to me now is what we will be speculating about.