The Year 2021 in Investing – Throw EVERY Investing Rule Out The Window

If I was making Wallstrip’s in 2021…today I would walk in to my local Wells Fargo branch with a rare piece of art and a Lebron rookie card, head up to the teller and ask for a loan (see my PS at end for an explanation of Wallstrip and what I mean).

In the digital world your bank/brokerage is just about ready to do it…

The exciting, magical, silly, dangerous, genius, dumb thing about investing in 2021 is EVERY investing rule has been thrown out the window. Much like people discovering the west in the ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1883’, the ‘yoots’ are discovering investing in the wild frontier of a Stocktwits stream, a Telegram chat or Discord room .

If you have not dabbled in the trading/investing world of crypto, airdrops, staking, defi, NFT’s, Discord, Telegram and wallets you are in the majority but do not fret…Warren Buffett beat the S&P by putting 50 percent of his portfolio in Apple.

Investing rules and diversification are for suckers!

As the internet has grown I have long thought Google could work as a one stock portfolio but I don’t practice all that I preach.

As the internet continues to grow in 2022 – let’s call it web 3 for now…I don’t have a better single stock idea than Google for beating the S&P consistently but …I just can’t (my wiring).

One big thesis I had the last 10 years is every financial security available to retail investors would get fractionalized…an unbundling of the S&P index that was available to retail only through institutions like Vanguard. I have been paid well for this thesis in my portfolio.

But, along with this slow change came crypto and all the financial toys I mentioned above. And in this digital world, fractionalization was built in from the start.

So, it is not fractionalization that is cool, but owning 70,000,000 airdropped tokens of a layer 7 blockchain token that your friend told you about on Telegram at midnight that you bought for .0000000000001 by attaching your Coinbase Wallet to Your Coinbase account and making an Ethereum Uniswap.

The year 2022 will be bananas.

Serenity Now.

PS – Most of the readers here have subscribed in the last few years so when I say Wallstrip I mean a show I created back in 2006 that CBS acquired. Once in a while we would do ‘digital shorts’ a spoof of an SNL skit. Here is one that we did for the stock ‘Jack In The Box’ as a parody of SNL’s ‘Dick in a Box’. Yes that’s me in the orange jacket and funny hat. I was a bit heavier back in 2006.