There has NEVER been a Better Time to Trade

Maybe it’s because I mostly watch and do not trade unless I catch a good investment.  Maybe because it has never been cheaper, never been more learning tools, never been more mentors to help you trade than NOW. Or maybe it’s that Henry Blodget is declaring a death in trading on Huffington Post, but I will take the opposite of this call.

There is an all-time high in Vampire Squid, America hating, markets are broken people (sometimes even me).  Matt Taibbi is so right, an awesome writer and needed fresh voice. Insider trading is everywhere. Here is some breaking news….insider trading was rampant in the 1920’s.

I guess you need to have ‘inside’ information to trade big money for a living and report daily. I get it. It’s unstoppable.

But catching $250 points in $aapl or 150 points in Chipotle’s $cmg was not about inside information.

I am watching people learn to love the markets at a very young age. It is a language. I will encourage it. I will also encourage my philosohy and style. I believe in it and others will do it way better than me. I consider my philosophy and style on this blog an API of my gut and instincts.

Trading is a tool.  If you are going to invest in ANYTHING, you better learn to trade and I even mean the low cost ETF’s that Henry is touting as well.

I call bullshit.


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  3. TrendRida says:

    I agree with your bullshit call. I think the little guy that’s willing to work can figure out how to win the game. However, IMO the regular working guy that wants to use the MKT to save for retirement or their kid’s college education is screwed. The stuff that Blodget is advocating is up 0% for the decade.

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  8. Eli Jones says:

    i also agree with the BS call. yes insider info is everywhere…always has been. yet with a proven method, any trader with a systematic focus, simplicity, and emotional control can take it to the bank all day long. in fact, since everyone else has the inside info, even better. they risk going to jail, you exploit the opportunity.

    you want to get better at something, play in a higher league than your own…it’s the professionals that get dumbed down, not the amateurs.

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