There is NO Such Thing as ‘The House’s Money’ – Just Profit and Losses!

I saw a lot of people today on the streams rationalizing their Apple losses. People calling it ‘house money’.


I did not lose the House’s money today in $AAPL. I lost my money and partner’s money.

A few days ago I could have liquidated and had MORE money. It was mine. Never the house’s.

You go to Vegas to gamble. If you are winning you have profits. If you piss it away you have losses. If you give back part of your profit’s you have less profits.

You invest in the markets because you are looking for profits. If it’s liquid and you can monetize it, it’s yours. Not theirs.

There are no bailouts or ‘acquihires’ (unless you are smart/stupid enough to borrow so much you own the house) in the trading business. There is a P&L.

Let’s get the lingo correct and be respectful of how hard this business is.


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  2. Red says:

    Delusional AAPL longs had a bad case of trading “recency”.

    Nothing like a 12% drop to bring them to reality..

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