Thinking about Superfans and Conversations – My ‘Lindzanity’ Stocktwits Room

My friend Timothy Post (Bostonian living in Moscow) sent me an email the other day asking me to put comments back on my blog. He thought it was important for the great community that this blog has to be able to chime in on certain posts and get a conversation going.

I mentioned to Tim that I gave up on comments a while ago even though we are investors in Disqus which was my commenting platform up until a few years ago. For the few good conversations I had, there were too many knuckleheads chiming in with hate. Furthermore, anytime I talked about markets, I invited the haters.

All that said, I do really miss the feedback.

Readers of this blog can still email me, chat on Twitter or Stocktwits but I wanted something more fun, especially for people that like my investing style and want more access.

It is why I started a Stocktwits Room for now called ‘Lindzanity’.

Nothing really changes on the blog. If I am not hospitalized I am writing here once daily.

But, I am not about to try another commenting system when Stocktwits is such a big part of my workflow.

Stocktwits Rooms product is a perfect format for me to engage with people that like chatting with me about markets, stocks, process, angel investing etc…

The community here can access the room from the Stocktwits app or website and interact with the community, not just me,

I have started with a $7.99 monthly fee which seems to be a fair and working so far. All the money will go to Stocktwits.

I do not plan to have more than 500 members (200 people are already in the room).

Come say hello and ask me pretty much anything.