This Time It’s Different: Maybe? …John Street Capital Joins Me On Panic With Friends

This made me laugh yesterday…

In the shoulda, coulda, woulda department today…a $500,000 investment in the Amazon IPO would be worth $1 billion today if you held it.


So you are not a billionaire…relax. Today I have John Street Capital (I know him but he remains anonymous on the internet) on Panic With Friends (now 80 episodes) and he has some great ideas to get you on the right path to riches from the Cloud, Software and Bitcoin.

In this episode he explains some of his excellent essays which you can read here on Medium. We discuss COVID 19 and risk asset ramifications, COVID-19 as a societal accelerant, Bitcoin and the macro environment, this time it’s different:maybe? and the case for a Twitter/Square merger.

I promise that is you listen to John Street you will more clearly understand how markets work and why software, fintech and Bitcoin have a place in your portfolio.

You can listen to the episode here or head to Spotify or Apple and search my name.