This Too Shall Pass…

This made me laugh:

Ok here I go…

Way way way back in November of 2017 you could launch Fartcoin and your FART token would triple if you had the right people pushing the idea on chat apps.

Today you can yell (tweet) ‘the FTC will investigate Twitter for selling your data‘ and the stock drops 15 percent.

Markets can be light and easy to push around in both directions.

I enjoyed November 2017, but in December noted that we were on borrowed time. I wish I was wrong but I knew I was right.

Here are the UGLY numbers for the crypto markets in 2018…

I have no idea when the bear market in crypto ends. It could just be beginning. I mean taxes are not even due yet.

The social media with hunt is likely just beginning, but the markets price this stuff in pretty fast, especially when the cash flow is real.

Investing is hard.

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