Three Trillion – The Technology AGMAFIA! And Why Twitter and Snapchat should Merge

If you add up the market cap of the five biggest companies in the world (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook) you get to $3 trillion.

The AGMAFia is a technology mafia which controls our consumption and attention habits at work and home.

In a few years this ordering will look different because of Alibaba ($395 billion) and Tencent. The Chinese have their own technology mafia and they are protected by a digital wall at home.

These seven global leaders seem to be growing faster than ever.

The attention to the daily market gyrations of Twitter and Snapchat with a combined market cap of under $30 billion seems silly in this context. If the two companies are serious about their long term global financial relevance, they should merge their attention power and scale their advertising efforts pronto.

It seems impossible they stay independent in this era of the technology mafia.

No matter how all this plays out, the Nasdaq dips will continue to get bought.

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