Tiger…and Nike

NOTE – I had a bad link to the Wences Bitcoin essay yesterday. HERE is the correct link. A must read.


I remember exactly where I was and who I was with when Tiger won his first green jacket in 1997.

I remember exactly where I was (and who told me) when the Tiger scandal/downfall began.

This weekend I had Masters fever and with the Masters app I could enjoy it completely.

This morning I was out on a ride in South Carolina for a few hours and using my airpods and iPhone Masters app to follow the shots. Boring, but not bad to pass the time.

This afternoon I was getting a ride to the airport watching the final shots of Tiger on the Masters app as he won his fifth Masters. It is one of the great sporting moments I have watched. Thank goodness for the app.

The app is fantastic…literally the perfect sporting event app. Between the Masters app and a couple of group chats, I was dialed in to all four days of action.

The caliber of golf right now is insane.

Tiger inspired this generation of golf and the game will never be the same. I don’t follow professional golf very closely, but I did not think Tiger would ever compete in a major event again as of a few years ago. The golfers he inspired are just too young and good. Color me happily wrong on this.

The USGA should get their shit together for the sake of the players, the fans and the game and just hire the Masters dev team to build the app for use in every tournament.

PS – a highlight clip of the best shots of the day and the tournament would be a great addition. If that exists, please point me to it…thanks

PSS – I don’t like the Nike golf wear personally, the shoes are hit and miss, but the Nike Swoosh just owned the Masters with Woods, Finau, Koepke, Dustin and Molinari plastered on the screen for days on end. Long $NKE.