Tiger Woods Worth more than ALL of Yahoo…Long Nike

Wall Street, major media, blogs and nerds can’t shut their holes about Yahoo. In the meantime, Nike sits at all-time highs .

Wallstrip has featured Nike twice and never Yahoo. There is a reason…make that a few billion reasons.

In one of my first posts on trends way back in 2005 , here is what I wrote about Nike:

Golf – Just getting started

Tiger Woods is maybe the best deal of all time. I remember the way Knight was filmed following Tiger around at his last amateur win, what now seems like decades ago. Turned out to be a bargain. What a wily guy he was.

Until Tiger does something stupid, you are OK with Nike.

The whole country is white and over 80 and ther are enough courses built and being built to have one for every person in the United States. Do the math. Stay out of Jail Tiger, please.

You hear ‘NIKE’ you think of just a few things, Phil Knight, GREAT branding and marketing (Swoosh and commercials), Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

You can’t define Yahoo at all…I think of traffic and missed opportunity.

Fake Steve has an excellent guest post by Fake Jerry Yang (Congrats Dan Lyons on leaving Forbes for…anywhere – actually Newsweek) that summarizes the idiocy of all that is Yahoo. They are a used and abused brand.

It comes from having no focus and no leadership over a now extended period of time. The board members should be in Putz prison. They should give back any and all compensation since 2003.

So why is Tiger worth more than Yahoo?

Forget market cap for a moment and think about Tiger and Nike as a trend.

Tiger had knee problems and he knew it was in the best long-term interest for him, his career and his fans, to go in for surgery, and take time off to rehabilitate. Eight weeks of pain for all of us (does anyone watch golf anymore if Tiger is not in the field? ) , but Tiger is now moving forward again and based on the U.S. Open results, we have already forgotten about the eight weeks we missed of his greatness.

Yahoo has had ‘knee problems’ for quite a while. They keep putting bandages on it.

Yahoo should just say they are going on for ‘knee surgery’, like Tiger Woods, cut out all the diseased tissue (lawyers, biz dev, acquisition department, bloated management) and get back to focusing on a strategy for their traffic.

They won’t. Instead, they will be fodder for many more ‘Fake Jerry Yang’ posts.

In the meantime, I will stay long Nike as I have since I started this blog.