Time Lapse Video of TechMeme

I kid the nerds because they really deserve it, but I do love TechMeme .

My friend Amit (long on my blogroll)pulled together a 50 second time lapse video of TechMeme’s front page. FULL SIZE VIDEO HERE .

TechMeme, for all it’s simplicity, rules the landscape of tech news. The video shows why. It’s like watching a giant puzzle or formula trying to be solved that goes on forever.

Gabe is going to be rich, but seems quite content with his remaining independent with his site that is a piece of artwork every day.

Think ‘Nerds on Ink’ or just the title of Amit’s great blog…’Digital Inspiration’

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  1. Mark Evans says:

    It’s interesting to see in a short period of time how Techmeme evolves. You’ve got to give Gabe credit for building such a compelling service, and keeping himself independent at a time when dot-com deals are happening all around him.

  2. Baher says:

    Really cool video, and a nice idea by the creator.

    But I’m not so sure that Gabe will be THAT rich, as I was tipped that another meme tracker “Megite” is overtaking Techmeme in the last few weeks according to compete.com:


    Maybe Techmeme is not that prevalent as we like to think, or maybe it’s only popular in the tech blogger circle (the echo chamber).

  3. marc says:

    The hi-res version really brings it to life! ;-)

    Kidding aside, it’s a cool view… hopefully he’ll show us in later episodes how to *easily* DIY with web-pages.

    Think of all the other sites, you’d like to see time-lapsed video on…

    eBay home-page?
    Y! home-page?
    Apple Store home-page?
    LA times, etc., etc.

  4. bocagirl says:

    Hi Gabe. In my opinion, for stocks, finance and the markets, it’s not so much about linked stories as about pattern recognition in connected concepts, spotting the self-organized complexities that build into mini-trends in the markets. So you need the human element combined with the news feeds and links. I am not a techie but with a little more thinking and the right tools I might be able to accomplish something I can only see in my own head right now.

  5. Gabe says:

    Bocagirl: very interesting. I think your description of the problem is dead-on. I don’t think I’m immediately capable of producing a good news site in this situation, but maybe down the road…

  6. Gregory says:

    I don’t get it .. what is so special about Techmeme ? Why is Techmeme gonna make anyone rich ? Sorry, but i just don’t get it.

  7. Howard says:

    Boca – thats high priase from gabe. I hasve been busting his balls for a stockmeme for 2 years and you go and figure it out.

    I thought boca only had penny stock shops and old rich people.

  8. bocagirl says:

    Thanks Gabe and Howard. :D Truly that makes my day. This is what happens from reading a lot of the books I sell, all those ideas ferment in my brain.

    BTW we have bagels in Boca too.

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