Time to buy Oakley?

Last month I finally gave up on this, one of my fave brands. I am a loyal customer and did like their retail concept – at first.

I was ridiculed and never questioned so much on a trend that I saw coming – wireless sunglasses and the general coolness of their stores. PUTZ!

I liked that nobody believed. I used their products, liked the retail concept and saw an opportunity. After a quick run from 15-19 it has languished. The stores are just too hip for me. I own everything already. The new spring stuff is weak in my opinion.

The stores are too dark and the glasses are not displayed in a user friendly way. I kept asking to display the Apple way.

I think what is missing from the concept is a CEO who cares about creating any kind of reasonable medium term value for shareholders.

I loved that he owned so much stock – problem is, he has no intention of selling it and does not care where his stock goes. He is buying more though.

I will wake up one morning to find that stock up 50-100 percent but have moved on to my other faves. I just hope it does not happen tomorrow.