To SPLURGE or Not to SPLURGE…It's Obvious!

I am really hoping cooler heads prevail over in Congress and Capitol Hill or wherever Paulson/Porn is bending over.

Fred Wilson has taken the time to make up the name and aptly so. We have a number, $700 billion, that is just barfed up. It is jammed down our throats by the yutz’s who pulled the number out of their asses thinking that America can be pushed around if there is panic (why not, it’s worked since 9/11).

Long story short, it’s now Friday and the ‘if we don’t decide today, the market will crash over the weekend’ crowd is taking over.

Hopefully, we can all agree that ‘there is no number that we could possibly know right now that will fix our problems’ crowd wins and the people in charge think like smart investors do (ie. Warren Buffet) and use our tax money smartly.

Fred wraps it up nicely .