Today I am 47 Years Old

Two Score and 7 years ago I was born in Toronto.

Jesus. H. Christ. That’s just old.

Don’t get me wrong, mr brain feels young. Yesterday, my son and I were playing with wax and fire at the Rosh Hashannah table and I was teaching him how to fake fart.

But, once I took the ambien, strapped on the ‘breathe right’ bandaid and jammed in my mouth plate, I looked 60. To stretch, I touched my toes and Rachel slapped a ‘kick dad’ on my back, I got stuck and I just slept on the floor because I could not get up (maybe it was the ambien).

Now the ambien has worn off and I am up.

Luckily I love waking up and jumping out of bed. I never lie there hoping for more sleep.

My life is insanely good. I have so much freedom and calmness living on the island of Coronado. My daughter Rachel brings me nothing but sweet smiles and joy and is now in High School. My Son Max is a crack-up and we are preparing for his Bar Mitzvah next week. My wife Ellen still thinks I am funny (not hot) after 17 plus years. We have a dog Bagel that gives us unconditional love 24/7/365.

Wy whole forties have been awesome. When I turned 38 I was in a serious rut. I had heard from friends that my forties would be better and so I bore down at 38 to get in the right groove for a strong run leading into my 4th decade. It’s working.

Life does begin at 40. You just won’t see it from the same angles.

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