Today Stelvio Pass … Prepare to Cry. 

I almost cried yesterday. I have been riding on and off for 30 plus years but never could have imagined or prepared for my ride yesterday. 

We chose (seven riders and two crew, average age late fourties) to ride Fluella Pass (Switzerland) on a weather break. At the top locals told us the pass gets one day of snow each and every month of the year. Make that two this year. 

My friend Michael Kinsbergen urged me on the last mile in the bitter cold to reach the top of a grueling 12 km climb in freezing conditions and snow. Two local grizzly bear built hikers at the top greeted me with ‘respect’, probably the best unasked for ‘tip of the hat’ and also fitness and mental accomplishment of my life. All seven of us made it. 

Here we are at the top.. Standing right next to a spectacular lake that is blocked by the weather

Descending the 12 km I hit speeds over 70 km and others in our group over 90km.

We had one more grueling climb of 13 km before heading back down into the warm weather of Italy. 

Nobody asked for a passport as we sped through the border but you can see which country pays taxes for roads. We went from riding on sweet smoot highway to ‘enjoy the pasta …fuck the roads’ in the blink of an eye. 

Today we grind the 24 km up the Stelvio pass. Here is what it looks like from the place I am stuffing my face with calories before we start this morning 

The best picture of the top comes from a friend Kent Goldman who has completed it (so he says… but he is a VC). 

I will proudly be wearing my StockTwits riding shirt and my new Social Leverage shirt for the ride. 

Place your bets on me completing this monster of a ride…

Exciting day ahead.