Tomorrow's Headlines Today…Recession…YAWN

If you are flexible, today’s pathetic market decline is just a fart in a bullish windstorm…for now.

Most are not (flexible) and newspapers need to get sold so get ready to panic on tomorrow’s headlines:

Dow below 13,000, Oil above $100 and Gold up $30 more…RECESSION!!!!!!

Here is the REAL Headline…

If you own financial stocks and housing stocks you are a PUTZ. If you are long semiconductor stocks save those purley dedicated to solar – WFR, you are a yutz. If you don’t own a gold, metal or oil stock, you just suck at investing. Please go here . There is nothing left I can give you.

Apple is still above $190 while every yutz in the world is trying to game MacWorld , now the most overblogged event in the world. I hope Apple drops 40 fast points to shake out the Cramer clones gaming this stupidity. It’s amazing but Apple stock is a mini repliqa of the whole market craze of 1999. It being my number 1 position does not make me happy with all the goings ons. I attended three MacWorlds in a row until last year and this year I would rather have root canal from The Fly than attend the event with the newbie shareholders. Lame.

Not helping is JP Morgan predicting 2008 will be ‘Nothing but Net’ with a get this….312 page research report . Talk about the ‘Kiss of Death’. I now will give you a two sentence LINDZON internet research report… It’s a 100 year internet bull market. Buy strength and whoever figures out monetizing on-line video will be a stock you should own . I can’t believe someone cuddling up with this pile of turd report. I guess that’s why Investment Bankers need ‘interns’ . Assholes.

Considering I have one short – Akamai – and 30 percent of my portfolio plus is in stocks and long, today was not really bad. I have Amazon and SYNA up $3 and Gold at all-time highs. OIH, SLW, GLD and PAAS are also at all-time highs and up big today.

Instead of bitching and panicking about a recession when you don’t even know what it means, climb aboard the stocks that are leading and practice some money management. Also, as I have been saying for 45-60 days…do less.



  1. optimatis says:

    all big american banks are bankrupt, so they need a recession .. they sold all their assets at highs since october.. they dont buy them on new highs again, they wanna buy when they are low .. so they need a recession, be it a true one or just a fake one, created by media, government etc.

  2. Bruce says:

    fwiw … my #1 contrarian indicator was absolutely relentless with his talk about AAPL over New Years. He asked me if I was long AAPL & when I said ‘no comment’, he unleashed the hounds.

    I was thinking I now have to sell my AAPL position just because of this donutholefucker. (to buy it back later )This guy NEVER fails to kick off a correction that is easily traded. NEVER !

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