Tony Conrad on Wallstrip

Today we have a combo entrepreneur/venture capitalist on Wallstrip.

Tony is a Venture Partner of True Ventures Fund (founded by Jon Callaghan, Phil Black and John Burke) and loves the blog world. Their firm has backed Om Malik . Here are all the deals they have backed to date .

WordPress and Meebo are their most famous investments in terms of users.

As an entrepreneur, Tony is now running one of their investments – It is not the first time he has been an entrepreneur. Here is his full backgrounder .

Sphere helps everyone discover high-quality, truly relevant, and timely blog posts that match real interests using an innovative search algorithm, as well as matching blog content with articles from mainstream media. Spher buttons can be found all over the web, inclusing the New York Times and CBS News.

A fun interview indeed. Check it out.

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  1. tony conrad says:

    Hi Howard – thanks for including OM, Toni, Matt and Sphere on Wallstrip the past few weeks – Lindsay, Adam and Jeff brought a lot of laughter to the Pier.

    Thx again for including us.

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