Too Funny…The Fly Had Me at Asshat

One day, I hope to at least fart at a Kudlow question live. The rest does not matter much to me as you all know. Thanks FLY for the great laugh:

I don’t know why, but when other people in the financial industry do poorly, I get all happy. Don’t panic. I’m not alone in this shameful display of schadenfreude; everyone in the business wishes doom upon his competition. The only person “The Fly” roots for is Howard. I’d like to see Howard make 200% for the next 10 years, raise 50 billion dollars, then fart on live television, following a Larry Kudlow question.

These are tough times for good and bad people. The market will cut you and find your weakness like walking into The Dead Sea after shaving. You just hurt from being in the vicinity of all that salt.

You need to do less, laugh more and kiss the kids.