'Too Slick to Succeed?'…Not In America Baby!

Ponzi schemes are at all-time highs according to the Associated Press .

Ponzi schemes, named for infamous swindler Charles Ponzi, are extremely simple: Investors attracted by promises of high profits are paid with money from an ever-increasing pool of new investors, with the scammer skimming off the top. Sometimes the investments are at least partially legitimate but more often are completely fictional. There’s no reserve fund for lean times, or for when droves of investors start demanding their money.

Not sure about you but that sounds a LOT like our FED!

America is awesome. If you have the right attitude, you win. If you measure everything by money, things get instantly more clouded. We have definitely become a money society, but that does not mean you, the individual must fall in line.

You have to laugh. You have to recognize greatness and appreciate it for what it is.

Jon Stewart delivering media knock out punch after knock out punch; Amazon, Apple, IBM and thousands of other American companies executing flawlessly even as they scale to enormous sizes, Tiger Woods striking a golf ball (and getting struck)…

With greatness (and large, fat, dumb populations) comes slickness.

It is hard to block out the atrocities around us, but if you don’t someone else will.

America is an opportunity machine and while I cannot predict the future, and few can for any great length of time, you should surround yourself with people that see it that way.

If you have a ‘Too Small to Fail’ attitude, you will start reading these stories in a different light and you may even get some shit done.


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