Too Small To Fail…A Reminder

As a cynical optimist, I am doomed to have most of my money working, ALL the time.

The last few years that has kept me in early stage investments and my own startups.

The stock market, like any other career, is a full-time job. As the world shrunk the last 15-20 years at an exponential rate, full-time job has come to mean 24-7-365. Cellphones, email and now Twitter have put the teaser of non-stop market and business activity in front of us. If you are not devoting that time to the markets, you should step aside and do less.

Despite the relentless 24-7-365 grind, I want my business and the businesses that I invest in to remember my ‘Too Small to Fail’ adage.

This morning, Meredith Whitney is bullhorning $GS on the unbiased CNBC and stocks are up. She is the new ‘Too Big to Fail’ analyst. No longer will she be wrong, because CNBC will have so much tape on her to edit as they please. We, the ‘anonymous bloggers’ know better. Meredith could have slipped away on top, but like most including Dennis Kneale, anonymity sucks balls .

The Fly had a fun post this morning reminding me of ‘Too Small to Fail:

Earlier this morning, while reading the paper in the backyard, I saw a giant crumb moving on one of the pavers. After further inspection, I discovered it was a little fucking ant, carrying a gigantic crumb to some egregious ant clan, or whatever the fuck those pesky vermin like to call home. I admired the little fellow, as he struggled mightily with the crumb. He was a greedy little fucker, trying to carry the big piece, while there were plenty of other smaller pieces nearby. “Super Ant” was trying to feed the whole damn ant universe with that monstrous crumb, instead he got his face smashed in with a giant sandal—if you know what I mean.

The moral of the story: Carry the smaller crumb, eat well, and go unnoticed.

Good advice Mr. Anonymous.


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