Top Ten Internet Acquisitions continued…

I never did get to my Top Ten List so here is the start of it… I have been stuck on my favorite 6. I need Four more so please keep the ideas coming.

1. News Corp. buying MySpace

2. Google Buying YouTube – Yes it’s early, but Google is up 25 plus percent already. They could spin it off :) .

3. EBay buys PayPal

4. Yahoo acquires Inktomi

5. Yahoo acquires Overture

6. Adobe buys Macromedia

UPDATE – 7-10 – Cisco, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, Sun Microsystems etc..have made hundreds of good acquisitions that they have either sat on, screwed up or not integrated in a way that gets them noticed here. So I dedicate the last four to all the great internet businesses that were acquired and never heard from again once they went into the bowels of The Nasdaq’s last leaders.

Ashkan at WatchMojo just blogged his 10 best Internet Acquisitions of All Time . I agree with most of them.

Eddie from The Rad Report offers a new one that I am considering which is Akamai buying Speedera.

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