Toronto – Center of Facebook Universe…Web 2.0 Companies Take Notice!

Yep, until just now when London came along. London just surpassed Toronto as the biggest Facebook community . Myopic Americans would not have placed wither of these cities in their top ten if asked.

That’s not a rip on America, just the opposite. It’s an offer of proof as to the importance of Toronto as a center of Web 2.0 and media in the coming years. The strong US dollar will weaken our global manufacturing (yawn old timers), but will keep the real talent here in the flat world.

Toronto pretty much has it all right now.

Big, cultural, clean, great subway and public transportatin system, great food and a strong dollar that hurts manufacturing and helps tech.

The Canadian’s believe the strong dollar is bad for them. All that they lose is the movie industry and bargain hunters. Now, if an asset is bought in Canada, a fairer global price is paid at least. I hated spotting the obvious Toronto landmarks from movies that were supposed to be New York or Boston anyway.

Web 2.0 Companies should have an immediate plan for Toronto in their launch. Immediate.

Call me if you need names of quality people in the city. It’s not Russia over here.


  1. Jim Kingsland says:

    Toronto is a beautiful city, though I was there only twice.. once for a few days and another time for a flight stopover.

  2. Fraser says:

    And to top it off… our early-stage investing ecosystem isn’t strong. US firms should think of tapping into the market, I suspect they’d be surprised by both the quality of the deals + the low competitive level.

  3. Todd Allen says:

    I was up there a few weeks ago for a meeting with Telus. It’s freaking hot up there and I don’t know how the penguins survive. :)

    Nice place though.

  4. Howard Lindzon says:

    I am putting money where my mouth is and looking at some good deals up here again.

    The dollar up past 96 cents today

  5. Brett Chang says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love living in Toronto, and I really do think alot of great economic strides are ahead. However our public transit system is not good and I think thats one thing we need to improve.

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