Toronto Raptors…Thanks For The Memories

It’s been a while since Toronto sports fans had anything to cheer about.

I grew up watching the Leafs lose (I was 2 years old the last time they won a Stanley Cup in 1967).

In 1993, I iced Ellen on the couch (I think our second date) until Joe Carter hit a walk off Homer for back to back Blue Jay Championships. Ellen has been my good luck charm ever since.

Last night it was fun to be with Max and his buddies (and Lindzee) at home in Coronado watching game 6 as the Raptors closed out the Warriors…

The Raptors were really fun to watch.

Before the series started I tweeted out that the Raptors would win in 6 and the trolling began. The comment thread is funny. This was my fave exchange:

I don’t gamble, probably because I grew up watching what it did to Fred Flintstone, but pretty soon making bets like this will be easy. The Raptors were huge underdogs and my bet would have paid nicely. Sites like The Action Network are making it sound like fun…here is one St Lous fan that turned $400 into $100,000.

I hope Kawhi stays in Toronto to try and repeat. Zillow missed a great chance to sponsor him saying ‘I used Zillow to find my new Toronto home’ as he held the Most valuable player trophy.

I’m looking forward to a great weekend of watching US Open Pebble Beach golf. I have no predictions.