It’s Tough Not to Be a Pig

I was hanging with my nephew Brandon this afternoon in Toronto. Brandon is 24, is working in software software sales, loves avocados and has crypto fever.

Brandon does not read investing books, has never owned a stock, but has quadrupled his savings in FIVE months in a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

I am not sure that is smart, but he caught crypto fever from me and I do not have a cure. Only the markets do.

In short, here is how Brandon got to where he did in five months:

1. He set up a wallet in minutes, by searching Google for best reviews and than watched YouTube videos on how to set up a secure drive to get his crypto off line on ledger.

2. He started with Bitcoin and Ethereum (on my advice) and profits quickly came which is how any investing fever begins.

3. He group chats with his other young friends (who also have crypto fever) and checks Stocktwits for news and sentiment.

4. He texts me a lot.

Talk about circumventing Wall Street.

At one point today I was rambling on about pigs getting fat and hogs getting slaughtered and he looked at me and said ‘Uncle Howie, it’s hard not to be a pig’.


The next generation of investors and traders are now hooked.

I think that is cool.

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