Trade App from Stocktwits

This week Stocktwits launched Trade App.

From the Stocktwits blog:

We believe in the ability of social networking and social sharing to build real relationships and opportunities. We also believe people can learn through sharing. That’s why we built Stocktwits – to give everyone an equal opportunity to connect with other investors and to learn from one another. Now, we’re taking that philosophy to a new, actionable level – to help you learn by doing and have fun in the process with the launch of Trade App.

One Incredibly Unique and Social feature from the announcement and launch:

At Stocktwits we believe sharing has the potential to transform the way you invest. With Tradecasting™, we make it simple and fun for you to tell the story of your investing journey – through every trade you make, and every moment you think matters. The chart and your trade are your canvas, and you can draw, add text and video to express yourself. It’s easy to control who can see your Tradecasts. You can choose to broadcast to the world, share with friends, or journal privately.

More from the Stocktwits blog:

Commission-free and Fractional

With Trade App, you can invest commission-free in full and partial shares of the companies you care about. With fractional investing, you will be able to invest in nearly 1000 US equities with as little as $5.

When it comes to trading and investing, we never stop learning, whether it be our first trade or our 1000th trade. Through our wins or our losses, we take each lesson and grow. We believe you deserve a trading platform that allows you to learn from both, with the support of a community that has been cultivated over the past ten years.

So we built one.

Download Trade App today on iOS to get first in line for early access.

Congrats to the team at Stocktwits.