Trading Netflix – the Power of Collaborative Equity Selection

Guest post by Ivan Hoff:

$NLFX is a top trending ticker on StockTwits today as the stock has gained more than 14% as of the moment of writing.


Countless ideas are being shared on StockTwits daily. New traders get the opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of more seasoned market participants and with that to accelerate their learning curve. Experienced traders come and bounce different ideas off each other and at the end of the day, allocate money to the best setups.

The stock market is one of the few business fields where you don’t have to be original to make money. There is nothing wrong in following other people’s good ideas, but you have to make them your own by adjusting for the risk your account could take.

NFLX is one of the latest examples of the power of collaborative equity selection. The stream turned bullish on $NFLX for a trade on Tuesday.

Some shared their entries and exits directly

Others highlighted an opportunity and shared a plan of action

Third, shared links or insights about possible catalysts behind the move

There is something for everyone.

Note: all messages are in Pacific Standard Time as I am located on the West coast.

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