offers to drive traffic to my blog – Smart or Just plain Sneaky?

Yesterday, I awoke to this email from Brice at

—–Original Message—–
From: “Brice”
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:46:29
Subject: from Brice at themoneyblogs

Hello Howard-

I’d like to invite you to be a part of
. It’s growing—we expect it to be one of the
largest money blog sites on the Web. The entire site was built around maximizing
page views. Best of all, it’s free and it would not require any additional work at
all from you—we can use your RSS feed to post. You could drive additional traffic
to your blog and get even wider exposure. I have a media campaign starting shortly,
and it would be nice to have you in there to receive the benefits from this.

What do you think?


Brice Wightman

818.449.7461 direct


I called Brice, who picked up his own phone and asked him some questions. I immediately smelled a rat. Trading Markets will take my content and brand it in moneyblog design and keep all the advertising dollars from the aggregated data.

I love blogging and don’t mind doing it for free, but this is just plain sneaky.

Worse yet – look at all the stock bloggers that have signed up below. I don’t think 10 percent of these bloggers know that not only are they receiving no advertising revenue, but there ARE NO LINKS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL BLOG SITE.

7 Stocks You Need To Know
A Global Perspective
Alpha Trends
Canajun Finances
ClearFish Research
Crowder Investment Research
DayveJohnson on the Markets
Discovering Undervalued Growth
Finance Professor
Financial Skeptic
Financial Wisdom w/Gabriel Wisdom
Gualberto Diaz
In The Money
Investing Intelligently
Let’s Talk Volatility
Master Limited Partnerships
Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis
Rally Monkey
Setups I’m Stalking
The Average Joe Investor
The Confused Capitalist
The Corner Office Blog
The Mess That Greenspan Made
The Prudent Investor
The Swing of Things
Ticker Sense
Trade It or Fade It
Uncle Jack’s
Value Discipline
Wishing Wealth
2d Trading
Almost Trading For A Living
Blue Collar Trading
Commodity Option Selling
Commodity Trader
Emini Technical Alerts
Forex Project
Fresh Fish Daily
Fx Technical Research
Global Gold
Investment Ideas
Live Options Trader
Market Gnome
Netto’s Numbers
O & F news and views for futures and forex
Random Roger’s Big Picture
Research Lab Trading
Roberto’s Nasdaq Trader
Swing Trading the Forex
Technically Speaking
The Amish Connection
The Bull Trader
The Essentials
The Professional Daytrader
The Weekly Woof
Trader X
Trading Quotes
Underground Trading
What does it take to be a successful trader?

The more I think about it, the more it smells!

One thing is obvious – EVERYONE WANTS TO BE FAMOUS


  1. Dave Johnson says:

    I totally understand where your coming from. But it’s not about advetising or revenue for me. It’s something fun for me. Nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Michael says:

    I got that same email months ago. My first question to Brice was “Do I get a cut of the ad revenue?” He said no, but I get all of this (alleged) exposure. Then I asked him what level of traffic the site gets. He never responded that that question. :-)

    WHat really gets me about his pitch is the part about the site being built to maximize pageviews and it being built around tags. Um, sounds just like a regular blog to me.

    Finally, the part you didn’t mention is that his site, like other blog aggregation sites, is likely to have higher PageRank than the blogs of the contributors. That means that Google will likely rank articles on MoneyBlogs higher than the articles on the authors’ sites. So when people do a search that would normally bring visitors to the authors’ sites they will instead end up at MoneyBlogs b/c it’ll be ranked higher. Google may also actually punish the authors’ sites because they will appear to be copying (stealing) content from MoneyBlogs — GOOG doesn’t like duplicate content.

  3. Howard: As you know I am new to blogging and I received the same email and got signed up. Within the body of every post I include my blog link. I also edit my posts that they pick up because I find lots of technical issues with their site.
    I also deleted their link and added 3 more of my own (when viewing my own page there)
    ps: Random Roger got sucked in too? sad….

  4. Michael says:

    Not with Google b/c they only display exceprts… and they can’t penalize stuff that’s in their own index.

    The same CAN happen with sites that display full RSS feeds. That’s why there’s been such an uproar about the bastards that make these fake blogs that do nothing but replublish full feeds from other sites. So it’s not Feedburner that’s the problem, it’s how and where the feeds are used that’s a potential problem, whether the feeds go through Feedburner or not

  5. Jake Wolf says:

    If they are getting everything via RSS feed then there is no reason for tradingmarkets’ readers to ever visit the individual blogs.

    Too bad they aren’t offering revenue sharing. That’s the only reason adsense exists. Same goes for sites like squidoo which do send traffic to websites and blogs and share profits.

  6. Eric says:

    Thank you for alerting me to this potential problem. However, I run my site (Wishingwealth) to educate people, and revenue to me or others from it is irrelevant. I receive no revenues from the site. If you were able to find my site listed, then others will be able to find it and search for my entire blog if they are interested. Fame is also irrelevant to me–educating others to protect their money in the dangerous market is what drives me and my blog.

  7. Howard Lindzon says:


    just take back control of your site and do lots of linking to others. Link, Link, Link to people and you will receive back in spades.

    Your content was not merant to be distributed for JUST their benefit and that is how they think of it. They are not checking for overl;ap etc..

  8. Jeff says:

    It is shameful that TM guys are trying to use the blogging community for their own gain. They aggregate the blogs so people will go to their site which drives up hits and allows them to charge more money for the advertising. The bloggers who are doing all the work get nothing.

  9. Yaser Anwar says:

    I recieved an invite to blog & glady accepted. For me it’s not about the money, but the satisfaction of being in the ‘Highest Ranked Money Blogs’ & ‘Highest Rated Posts’, other than it allows wide recognition for my blog ‘Investment Ideas’

    Have a good day!

  10. Trader-X says:

    Thanks for the info. I am less concerned about the advertising dollars (though I understand your point), and more concerned about the fact that they do not link back to my blog. I sent Brice an email saying if they will not link back to me, I don’t want them publishing my content. I will let you know the response.

    Also, I did not know the things Mike mentioned about Google and the PageRank. I need to look into that.

    Thanks for the info.

  11. Trader-X says:

    FYI – Brice pointed out there is a link back to my blog, and indeed there is…it appears at the bottom of the page and is not very prominent. All the other links you click in the post or at the top keep you within the Money blogs site.

    I will give it some thought. Thanks again for the info.

  12. RSIFreec says:

    Can’t you guys track back the traffic to see if any one is coming from themoneyblogs??

    I bet you can test it and if it’s useless you can tell them to take it off no?
    But it would have been great if there was some revenue sharing…

  13. Brice says:

    Hello All-

    This is Brice, one of the editors at TheMoneyBlogs. This thread came to my attention and I wanted to chime in, give you my two cents and clarify a couple of points:

    Responding to Howard’s “there ARE NO LINKS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL BLOG SITE” comment, this is simply not true. There are and always have been links back to the original blog site. Second, in addition to being a blog aggregator, we also host blogs. Here is the list that was posted at the beginning of this thread, with the breakdown:
    7 Stocks You Need To Know—from, no link
    A Global Perspective—we host
    Discovering Undervalued Growth—we host
    Financial Wisdom w/Gabriel Wisdom—we host
    Setups I’m Stalking–we host
    The Swing of Things–we host
    Trade It or Fade It–we host
    Almost Trading For A Living–we host
    Blue Collar Trading–we host
    Commodity Option Selling–we host
    Emini Technical Alerts–we host
    Forex Project–we host
    Fresh Fish Daily–we host
    Fx Technical Research–we host
    Netto’s Numbers—we host
    Swing Trading the Forex–we host
    Technically Speaking–we host
    Techno-Fundamentalist–we host
    The Amish Connection–we host
    The Essentials–we host
    The Professional Daytrader—we host
    The Weekly Woof–we host
    Underground Trading—we host
    What does it take to be a successful trader?–we host

    (“we host” means there is no other location for this blog)

    Alpha Trends–linked
    Canajun Finances–linked
    ClearFish Research–linked
    Crowder Investment Research—linked
    DayveJohnson on the Markets–linked
    Finance Professor—linked
    Financial Skeptic–linked
    Gualberto Diaz—linked
    In The Money—linked
    Investing Intelligently-linked
    Let’s Talk Volatility–linked
    Master Limited Partnerships–linked
    Mish’s Global Economic Trend Analysis–linked
    Rally Monkey–linked
    The Average Joe Investor–linked
    The Confused Capitalist–linked
    The Corner Office Blog–linked
    The Mess That Greenspan Made–linked
    The Prudent Investor–linked–linked
    Ticker Sense–linked
    Uncle Jack’s–linked
    Value Discipline–linked
    Wishing Wealth–linked
    2d Trading–linked
    Commodity Trader–linked
    Global Gold–linked
    Investment Ideas—linked
    Live Options Trader–linked
    Market Gnome–linked
    O & F news and views for futures and forex–linked
    Random Roger’s Big Picture–linked
    Research Lab Trading–linked
    Roberto’s Nasdaq Trader—linked
    Trader X–linked–linked
    Trading Quotes–linked
    The Bull Trader–linked

    To Mike, who said: “…I asked him what level of traffic the site gets. He never responded that that question.”
    I honestly thought I sent an email back to you with the traffic details, but I could well be mistaken; it could have slipped through the cracks. Here they are:

    TheMoneyBlogs is a part of

    Also to Mike, who says “his site, like other blog aggregation sites, is likely to have higher PageRank than the blogs of the contributors.”

    I think the key phrase in the sentence above is “like other blog aggregation sites.” This means we’re no different than the other guys doing this.

    To Larry, who says: “I find lots of technical issues with their site”
    We’re still in beta and debugging the site daily. Coming out of beta after Labor Day.

    To Jake, who writes: “Too bad they aren’t offering revenue sharing,” and Jeff, who writes: “The bloggers who are doing all the work get nothing.”

    Not in terms of ad revenue, that is true, but I believe TheMoneyBlogs gives exposure to bloggers that they may not ordinarily receive. Further, there is no additional work required to post on TheMoneyBlogs, as we use the feed. In other words’ bloggers are “doing all the work” already. I don’t know how much bloggers make on their ads–I guess in some cases it could be a significant amount, but my guess is that in most cases it’s nominal. There are many folks out there like Dave, who says: “But it’s not about advertising or revenue for me. It’s something fun for me. Nothing more, nothing less.”

    To Trader X, who writes: “Brice pointed out there is a link back to my blog, and indeed there is…it appears at the bottom of the page and is not very prominent.”

    I responded to you privately on this, but for the benefit of others, I explained that there was indeed a problem with that page–which we fixed within 15 minutes or so. The link back to his main blog is now in the proper spot, much closer to the top of the page.

    Larry writes: “Within the body of every post I include my blog link.”
    He’s being proactive here. You can, too.

    As I mentioned earlier, TheMoneyBlogs is still in beta; the ‘official’ kickoff is after Labor Day. People seem to be enjoying the articles, already, though, as traffic is rising quickly, mostly from word of mouth at this point.

    Thanks for letting me respond. Howard posted my phone number already, but if you have any questions, here it is again: 818.449.7461. My email address is [email protected].


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