Who Do You Trust?… and Live Light and Mobile

There is a saying that no bell rings at the top of the market or the bottom of the market.

I say having Josh Brown and I do a Bitcoin panel to close out the 1,400 person sold out Coindesk crypto event in New York City is the loudest bell in the history of bells.

How historic is this price move in Bitcoin?

While you were wondering why Bitcoins are trading above $10,000…

Equifax is a fake company with no product and it’s stock price is higher than the start of the year.

Wells Fargo has been outed as a criminal organization in 2017 and their stock is higher today than the start of the year.

Our president can’t get two people that live within a mile of him to sit down with him, but he thinks he can solve North Korea and bring Middle East peace.

Arby’s bought Buffalo Wild Wings and will likely breed a cow with wings.

All kidding aside…the bull market thickens daily.

Schwab is at all-time highs.

The Russel Small Cap Index is at all-time highs.

Goldman and JP Morgan are lurking.

The actual entire crypto and ICO market is smaller market cap of Facebook.

Not enough people are enjoying this bull market.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to live light and mobile.

Disclosure – Long Bitcoin, Schwab, Goldman

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