Trying to call a top in Apple, RIMM and Crocs…not for me. Taking profits is another thing!

Calling tops and bottoms is not for me, but not Andy Swan . He loves controversy. He has big shoulders and a wad of cash :) . Whiskey money so I hear :) .

He has a good post on the three stocks trying to game the top .

I sold my CROX based on a bunch of factors different than Andy and same for RIMM. Apple, as I mentioned last week, I am selling down but will hold a position until they have clearly done going up. None of these three stocks are CLEARLY done going up.


  1. Broker A says:

    Can’t argue with profit taking. You can always get back in.

    The last time I tried to “time the top” I sold AMER, before the 2,000% run. Otherwise known as AOL.

  2. Todd says:

    CROX still has a nice tight chart pattern and has yet to breach the 50 DMA. Unless you’re concerned about the EPS that will be reported next week it looks to go considerably higher over time.

    If you think we’re still in an overall market uptrend, I’d go with the old adage “let your winners run.”

    Some analyst from Matrix Research put out a ‘Sell’ rating on the stock back on Sept. 18, ’06 when the stock was at $30. As the fellas from the Guinness commercials say “BRILLIANT !”

    WARNING: If you follow my advice, an actual crocodile may invade your backyard and consume the family pets.

    Disclosure: No position in CROX.

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